Did you have fun during the previous X’mas event? I hope you did!

Introducing, the Summer Event 2022 – Alice-in-a-box!

You can add Yui at the following link:


Invite Yui to participate in the Summer Event!

Once you add Yui to your server, use if!event enrol to register your server for the event! Once done, and once the event starts, Yui will randomly trigger an event.

It’s a game based on speed and luck, and whoever finds the box where Alice is hiding in first gets a point!

The bot can show a scoreboard of who has the most points, and server owners may choose to provide a prize for the winner(s). Or, not. it can just be a flex event!

The Summer 2022 Event will run from July 31st 0000hrs (JST) through September 3rd 2359hrs (JST).

Getting Yui Set Up for the event

In order to get Yui added to your server, you’ll need to have the “Manage Server” permission in the server you want to add it in. Make sure you have permission to add it before doing so!

First, use this link to open the bot-adding page:


Once you click the link above, you’ll see a screen like the one below. Select the server you want to add Yui to and give the bot its required permissions.

This page allows you to choose which server to add Yui to

Finally, enrol your server for the event. Use the following command to tell the bot you want in!

if!event enrol

And you’re done! You can customise the settings of the event using the if!event command to specify the channels to ignore, how often users can help Santa etc.

Overview of the Event

There are a few things that will happen over the course of the event!

Every now and then, Yui will pop up in chats with the following scenario.

Find Alice!

The first member who chooses the correct box will receive a point!

You found Alice!

And that’s it! It’s another simple event, but I hope it’ll bring some joy into the servers 🙂

Awesome Bot Commands

Here’s a handy list of Yui bot commands for you and your community reference while you build snowmen:

User Commands (Anyone can use these!)

  • if!leaderboard: Displays the scores of how your server members are performing.
  • if!invite: Shares the bot’s invite link so others can add it to their servers.
  • if!help: Shows all available commands, even those not part of this event.

Admin Commands (Only members with Administrator permissions in their server can use these commands!)

  • if!event interval: Change how often members can get a point from random events. Default is 10 minutes.
  • if!event spawnrate: Change the chance of the Random Event being triggered. Default is 4% for every message.
  • if!event enrol: Register your server for the Summer 2022 Event.
  • if!event unenrol: De-register your server for the Summer 2022 Event. :c
  • if!event ignoredchannels list: List the channels that Yui is not listening to. Listed channels will not spawn Random Events.
  • if!event ignoredchannels add #channel: Add mentioned channel(s) from being ignored. Yui will no longer listen to these channels. Multiple channels can be mentioned at once.
  • if!event ignoredchannels remove #channel: Remove mentioned channel(s) from being ignored. Yui will now listen to those channels as well. Multiple channels can be mentioned at once.

If you end up needing any additional help when setting up and using the Yui bot for the Summer 2022 Event, you can join the Yui’s Support Server for help at the following link:


Warning: The Random Event consists of guessing the different coloured boxes. Some members may have trouble distinguishing colours due to colour deficiency / blindness. You might want to give them some heads up! Colours used: Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple and Blue. However, this will not affect their gameplay!

I hope the bot helps bring a bit of the fun into your server this Summer Season! Hope you enjoy the event!

Technical Bits

For those who prefer granular control over Yui’s permissions, please do make sure Yui has at least the following permissions for the Summer 2022 Event to work properly. (Note: this is the minimum permissions required, and other commands may not function properly due to the lack of permissions.)

  • View Channels
  • Send Messages
  • Embed Links
  • Read Message History
  • Use External Emojis
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