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About Me

I’m an aspiring Anime Pianist that’s classically trained, trying to bring my favourite anime songs to life on the piano! I also aim to provide sheet music arrangements so that everyone can play the songs they like on the piano too!

More Information

I started the piano at age 4, working my way to attain an Advanced Certificate in Yamaha Piano Grade 5 and Yamaha Fundamentals Grade 5, as well as attaining distinction in ABRSM Grade 8 Piano.

I’ve been on YouTube since 2016, creating arrangements for my favourite songs.

Some of my works

Suzume Theme Song - Suzume
Otonari no Tenshi-sama OP - Gift
YOASOBI - ラブレター (Love Letter)


Where I post analysis of arrangements, tutorials and maybe some life updates!

Nayu’s Summer Discord Event

Did you have fun during the previous X’mas event? I hope you did! Introducing, the Summer Event 2022 – Alice-in-a-box! You can add Yui at the following link: Once you add Yui to your Read more…

Nayu’s Christmas Discord Event

It's been a year since Discord released their Trick'cord Treat Bot for Halloween last year, and it was a fun event! This X'mas event aims to bring some festive joy into your Discord server.

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